Reducing Abandonment Rates in a Call Center – DMAIC Project

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Does Lean Six Sigma work in service industries? Yes! Here’s an example of how a call center at one of the world’s largest credit card processing companies applied DMAIC to reduce call abandonment rates.

DMAIC Project for Process Improvement

  • Define the Problem:
    In the last 6 months, there have been 10,987 calls lasting more than 5 minutes, which is 24% of the calls. > 35% of calls must be escalated because the representative cannot find the answer or cannot find it quickly enough.
  • Measure the Process:
    The value stream map says that our new reps struggle with our answer system. And customers don’t use our email or self serve platforms.
  • Analyze the Root Cause:
    • It takes to long for reps to find the answer.
    • Reps are not trained.
    • The system is too complicated and wordy.
    • Reps rely on the experts and escalation path.
    • Customers don’t know about or how to use OCM for self service. Customers don’t use email system.
  • Improve the Process:
    • OCM training for Reps and Customers
    • Visual tracking and performance
      • Changed productivity requirements for 2020 to include: meeting calls per hour, total talk time less than 5 minutes, and maintaining adherence for AID (break overages, etc)
    • Review of Voice of Customer Report to address time gaps in phones being answered
    • Began receiving Hot Alerts from Customer Care to address hold times and delayed responses
    • Implementing addition of email to answer questions versus inbound phone calls being received
  • Control the Process and Check for Improvement:
    • Documentation
      • Update Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to include Hot Alerts, Email implementation, Voice of Customer Report review
    • Training
      • Train all support staff to new processes
    • Visual Controls
      • Posting the average talk times and hold times in the department daily
    • Follow Up Plan
      • Review KPIs weekly
      • Meet with managers weekly to review process and get ideas from the team

…and what were the results?

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