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How much data do you need?

How much data do you need

How much data do you need – Lean 6 Sigma Mini Lesson.mp4  Hi everyone!, Cedro here with Lean 6 Sigma toolbox. Today we’re going to answer the question, “How much data do I need in order to prove that the project I’m working on is actually having an impact on my organization?” I just got […]

What is Kaizen?

What is Kaizen GIF

Kaizen is a Japanese word that means continuous improvement. Broken up into two parts, Kai means change, and Zen means good. So, Kaizen is a “change for good”. In business, Kaizen means continuously improving your processes so you can get better results for your customers and your employees. You can apply Kaizen to just about […]

Where to get Lean 6 Sigma Certified?

Where to get Lean Six Sigma Certification

You can get a lean six Sigma certification from anywhere. You can literally go online and pay ASQ or some other company $500, take their exam, and you will get a certificate. But I imagine what you really want is results, not just a certificate hanging on your wall. At Lean Six Sigma Toolbox, we […]

The Lean Team Workshop

Lean Team Workshop from Lean Six Sigma Toolbox

Hi everybody. It’s Cedro with Lean 6 Sigma toolbox. If you’ve been looking for a way to elevate your team’s skill set and make them better problem solvers than I have an idea for. We hold a one-day, in person Lean Team Workshop, which in addition to being an awesome team building activity, teaches your […]

Sign Up for Leadership Foundations Training

Leadership Foundations Training

Coming up on August 22-24 we will our first every online version of our popular Leadership Foundations training. Leadership Foundations This online version of our popular in-person course is designed for first time leaders and seasoned leaders who want to polish their skills and increase their performance. Leadership Foundations helps leaders assess their own abilities […]

What Is Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training? The Complete Guide

lean six sigma green belt training

Did you know that Six Sigma is a business method developed by Motorola USA in 1986? It is a well-respected concept in the business world.  “Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training” is something you may have heard of if you want to move up in your job in process and quality management. But what exactly does […]

How to get Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certified?

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification from Lean Six Sigma Toolbox

In today’s competitive business landscape, organizations are constantly looking for ways to optimize their processes, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Lean Six Sigma is one such methodology that has gained immense popularity in recent years. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt is, how it […]

5 Powerful Ways Leaders Can Help Their Team Embrace Change and Drive Continuous Improvement


In the current business landscape, organizations must continuously improve their processes to remain competitive. However, this can be a challenging task for employees who may resist change due to uncertainty about job security or fear of the unknown. As a leader, it is your responsibility to help your team embrace change resulting from continuous improvement […]