What is Kaizen?

Kaizen is a Japanese word that means continuous improvement. Broken up into two parts, Kai means change, and Zen means good. So, Kaizen is a “change for good”. In business, Kaizen means continuously improving your processes so you can get better results for your customers and your employees. You can apply Kaizen to just about anything. It can be used as a verb or a noun. Saying “I’m going to hold a Kaizen event” means you’re going to work on a project to fix a problem. If you say “I want to Kaizen this problem” you are going to improve something. If you teach your team the principle of Kaizen and continuously improve, you will be able to outpace your competition. To learn more about Kaiser and reach out to us. Or sign up for one of our Lean Six Sigma courses that teaches the principle of continuous improvement.