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How much data do you need?

How much data do you need

How much data do you need – Lean 6 Sigma Mini Lesson.mp4  Hi everyone!, Cedro here with Lean 6 Sigma toolbox. Today we’re going to answer the question, “How much data do I need in order to prove that the project I’m working on is actually having an impact on my organization?” I just got […]

What is JIT?

IT stands for Just In Time. What does that mean? Today we call it Lean Manufacturing. Just In Time means producing to customer demand using a pull process. When a customer places an order, you start to build. To do this you need short lead times, perfect quality, and low inventory. Just In Time or […]

The Lean Team Workshop

Lean Team Workshop from Lean Six Sigma Toolbox

Hi everybody. It’s Cedro with Lean 6 Sigma toolbox. If you’ve been looking for a way to elevate your team’s skill set and make them better problem solvers than I have an idea for. We hold a one-day, in person Lean Team Workshop, which in addition to being an awesome team building activity, teaches your […]

How to Increase Employee Engagement

3 happy factory workers

Here’s an interesting statistic, “Companies with a Highly Engaged Workforce Are 21% More Profitable.” What can we do to increase engagement? “37% of Employees Consider Recognition” the most important thing leadership could do to help them be successful. What should we recognize employees for? Process Improvement! This creates a positive feedback loop where the team […]