The Lean Team Workshop

Hi everybody. It’s Cedro with Lean 6 Sigma toolbox. If you’ve been looking for a way to elevate your team’s skill set and make them better problem solvers than I have an idea for. We hold a one-day, in person Lean Team Workshop, which in addition to being an awesome team building activity, teaches your team how to eliminate the eight wastes that every company and every department deals with. We also give your team a structured approach to solving problems, which is PDCA plan, do, check, act. And we’ll finally teach your team the importance of Kaizan which means continuous improvement. So your team goes back to work ready to solve problems in their area and get real results. This is an in-person class, not an online training. I know with COVID everything went online but we come to your building. And teach your team how to become problem solvers in their environment so we can talk about the real issues that are important to them. If that sounds interesting to you, click the link below and schedule a time because there are only a limited number of slots left this year.