What if your employees could not only SEE processes problems but also FIX them?

This fast-paced workshop transforms your team into Finder / Fixers, improves communication, and develops understanding of Lean principles.

Lived it! Loved It! This was easily the best class I’ve been to.

– Brad Christensen

Today’s class really helped me recognize places where I can reduce waste and help increase our throughput.

– Philip Cisco

Who Is This Workshop for?

The Lean Workshop is perfect for any team at any level, from Warehouse Operators to Executives. In fact, filling your workshop with a employees from various departments will help create communication bridges and relationships that will benefit your company.  

Modern Factory Worker



Financial Expert

Service Industries

What are the details?

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1 Day

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On Site

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$200 / Student

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Guaranteed Awesome!

What Will Teams Learn?

Teams learn how to identify waste in their processes then eliminate this waste using structured problem solving techniques like PDSA and root cause analysis.

  • A3 Problem Solving
  • PDSA
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • 5 Whys
  • Lean Principles
  • Creating Flow
  • Eliminating the 8 Wastes
  • Reducing Variation
  • Eliminating Oveburdening


What if My Team Wants to go Further?

We strongly recommend adding a second day to the Lean Team workshop. Day 2 we walk teams through an actual problem they are trying to solve, applying the principles from Day 1. 

For Leadership, Day 2 covers the systems you will put in place to create a lasting culture of Continuous Improvement.

For team members who will improve processes part or full time in their job, we recommend completing Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (+3 days) or Black Belt certification (+7 days).

Contact us to add these to your Lean Team workshop.

Lean Team Applied

+1 Day

Teams spend day 2 working on actual problems in their areas, using the tools learned during day 1 of the Lean Team Workshop. 

Lean Leadership Workshop

+1 Day

This 1 day add on to the Lean Team Workshop introduces leaders to specific tools and systems they need to create a culture of Continuous Improvement in their organization.

Lean 6 Sigma Green Belt

+3 Days

Green Belt is a highly impactful training & certification course teaching all of the foundational tools of Lean and 6 Sigma that individuals need to lead process improvement projects or Kaizen events.

Looking to Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement? 

Reach out to us and let’s discuss how we can work together, providing you with the training, resources, and experience you need to create a culture of Continuous Improvement in your organization.

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