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Self-Paced Certification

Online Lean Six Sigma training and certification give your team the flexibility to learn at their own speed and at times that are convenient to them.

Our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification has over 45 recorded training modules teaching:

  • 8 wastes of Lean
  • Kaizen
  • 5S
  • Just In Time

and other important topics. Students receive the same in-depth training and 1-on-1 coaching from a Master Black Belt that they do in our in-person courses.

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In-Person Certification

On-Site training is a great way to get your team engaged in Lean Six Sigma by going to the “Gemba” or the place where the work occurs. Our certification courses including Intro to Lean Green Belt and Black Belt will help your teams learn to solve problems and take performance to the next level. If you’re in Healthcare, Manufacturing, or Service industries we’ve helped thousands of teams like yours get measurable results.

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Program Development

Training is important but to get lasting results you need the corresponding infrastructure. Training Green Belts is like planting a small tree. With the right atmosphere, your Green Belts will thrive. Without it, they will fail.

We have helped companies in almost every industry create a culture of Continuous Improvement.

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8 Weeks!

Transform your career with Lean Six Sigma certification. Green Belts earn an average of $20k more than noncertified employees. Both online and in-person courses take about 8 weeks to complete.

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"Black Belt training provided some very useful tools to really dig into our quality problems and identify the root cause. The course was definitely worth it."

Shane Shurtliff / 3 Form
Sean McKinney - lean six sigma toolbox green belt

"The skills our team members developed in Green Belt have become the foundation of our Continuous Improvement program."

Sean McKinney / Bullfrog Spas
Curtis Ence - lean six sigma toolbox green belt

"With Cedro's help, the nursing staff and doctors were able to improve several processes in Med Surg and get our KPIs back on track."

Curtis Ence / Mountain West Medical Center

Trusted by Fortune 500 and Local Small Businesses

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In-Person Lean Six Sigma Training

As a globally recognized provider of Lean Six Sigma certification, companies look to us to help their hospital staff, production team, managers and executive team come up to speed quickly.

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    Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement with Lean Six Sigma

    We believe that every organization and team can achieve breakthrough results by adopting the values, principles, and tools of Lean Six Sigma. At its core, Lean Six Sigma is based on respect for every individual. Leaders who value their employee’s ideas and have the tools to solve problems as a team can transform an average organization into a learning organization. This enables them to outperform their peers as Continuous Improvement propels their organization forward.

    Lean Six Sigma Toolbox has helped organizations just like yours achieve breakthrough results by creating a culture of Continuous Improvement. And it is easier than you think! By putting just a few critical management systems in place and using our G.E.A.R. model your company or team can get results immediately and sustain improvements for years to come

    Whether you are looking for training and certification or company-wide deployment, Lean Six Sigma Toolbox is your partner on the journey to operational excellence.