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How We Help Companies

Companies looking for short term results can push their team harder, but the Lean approach requires changing the culture to one where everyone is working smarter. But how do you create that culture?

Enter the G.E.A.R. Model!

Our G.E.A.R. model for Operational Excellence teaches leaders how to align their team around common goals then achieve breakthrough results using Lean tools and systems to drive continuous improvement.

The results? 3X improvement in Key Performance Indicators in less than a year.

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How We Help Teams

Teams naturally want to succeed but often feel they are not empowered to solve their own problems. Without a structured approach to solving problems good employees feel helpless and companies miss out on their untapped potential.

Enter the Boost Program!

The Boost Program goes beyond Lean Six Sigma training and provides 1 on 1 mentorship by a Master Black Belt to ensure teams complete high impact projects within a few weeks of their first training. Teams get guaranteed results while establishing a rhythm for Continuous Improvement in their area.

Our Approach

We believe Continuous Improvement is the one differentiator between companies that will succeed and those who will fall behind in today’s economy. Our Mission is to help individuals, teams, and organizations learn how to make Kaizen a part of their culture and achieve breakthrough results.

Our Story

Our founder, Cedro Toro, started his career designing computer chips. When he was asked to become trained as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt to help solve a quality issue for a customer the experience changed his life. He learned that any process could be designed to deliver zero defects while at the same time reducing wasted time, effort, and burden on the employee. Since then Cedro and his team has been working with clients in manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and service industries to streamline their processes and drive quality in their products and services.

Meet the Team

We’re a team of Lean Six Sigma professionals based in Salt Lake City, Utah with clients on 5 continents. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients and delivering long term results.

Cedro Toro

Principal Consultant

Cedro is a passionate leader who helps clients develop strategic alignment and achieve their goals using the G.E.A.R. model for operational excellence.

Keith Norris

Principal Consultant

Keith is a cultural and change management expert who helps our clients develop the systems and behaviors of operational excellence throughout their organization.

Mark Syphus

Principal Consultant

Mark is an experienced Lean Six Sigma trainer who works with clients in Europe, Asia, and the United States to implement Lean Six Sigma leadership systems.

Next Steps…

Are you ready to create a culture of Continuous Improvement? Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can partner together and enable your success.

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