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Choosing a Lean Six Sigma coaching partner is critical. Your success depends on having an experienced Lean coaching team that can adapt to your company’s unique culture and specific needs. At Lean Six Sigma Toolbox our approach is to keep it simple, engage your leaders and team, and get real, measurable results quickly. We give you the tools you need to create a culture of Operational Excellence.

Mity Lite Kaizen

Kaizen Event

  • Over 30 Years’ Experience Leading Company Wide Lean Transformations
  • Clients in Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Services Industries
  • Proven G.E.A.R Methodology for lasting change
  • Rapid Return On Investment
  • Significant Measurable Results
  • Hands On Lean Six Sigma Professionals

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For our team at Lean Six Sigma Toolbox nothing is more exciting than seeing our clients realize the transformational effects that come from creating a culture of Continuous Improvement. Our experienced Lean Six Sigma consultants work side by side with leadership teams in every industry implementing philosophies and systems essential to high performing organizations. While bottom line savings are critical, we also measure success by the pride we see in those leadership teams when they achieve goals some thought were impossible.

“After working with Lean Sigma Toolbox continuous improvement is becoming part of our DNA.” -Kevin Curtis, Wolverine World Wide

If you are passionate about achieving Operational Excellence through Continuous Improvement and empowering your team, Lean Six Sigma Toolbox is your partner in success. Trust the experience of our Lean Six Sigma consulting team to help you achieve real results through a culture of Continuous Improvement.

Our Company is just getting started on our path toward Operational Excellence.

KPI Review at the Gemba

KPI Review at the Gemba

If you’re ready to start seeing the key performance metrics in your organization move dramatically in the right direction Lean Six Sigma Toolbox is ready. Using our comprehensive GEAR model we will help you align your organization, implement enabling systems for Continuous Improvement, train your resources, and work projects that yield measurable results.

We’ve helped companies in many industries develop a solid foundation on which to build their Continuous Improvement culture. We work with you to assess your unique needs and customize a development plan that ensures both Leadership and team members will grow and succeed. Program design, Lean workshops, assistance leading Kaizen events, and Yellow and Green Belt certification are all available to help your team get up and running quickly.

We are ready to take this to the next level!

Creating a Lean culture and maintaining discipline in your Continuous Improvement efforts is a never ending journey toward perfection. Even companies with strong Lean and Six Sigma cultures benefit from taking a fresh approach, learning new tools, and reinvigorating their teams.

Fishbone Diagram

Fishbone Diagram

If your team is ready to go from good to great by implementing sophisticated pull systems throughout the value stream, applying Lean Six Sigma to back office operations, or drive Continuous Improvement to the core of the organization’s DNA, Lean Six Sigma Toolbox can help.

We provide organizational design, enabling systems, training, workshops and coaching that provide new insights to your business processes. Our experienced Lean Six Sigma coaches deep dive into your company’s culture helping you uncover new techniques to unlock the power of your workforce. The end result is your team will experience a dramatic shift that takes their company to the next level of performance.

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Our company already tried Lean Six Sigma and it was a disaster.

Many companies today have already made an attempt at implementing a Lean, Six Sigma or other type of efficiency or quality program. Many have struggled as leadership changed, individuals held to the status quo, and efforts to create a culture of Continuous Improvement. While pockets of excellence may have existed improvement efforts limped along and eventually died.

If this sounds like your company our advice is, “Don’t give up. Take action!”

Continuous Improvement Fair

Continuous Improvement Fair

We have found that by making a few adjustments and taking a comprehensive approach to Continuous Improvement organizations can reignite the fire in their employees and start getting the results they want. When all the puzzle pieces are in place Lean Six Sigma will help you achieve your goals.

Lean Six Sigma Toolbox has successfully helped companies refocus their efforts and implement the necessary changes to drive immediate and lasting improvements. Our step by step GEAR model ensures all the key elements are in place and that appropriate change management techniques are used to move your organization forward. With the right leadership and approach even teams who’ve been “once bitten” can overcome cultural hurdles and achieve Operational Excellence.

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