Celebrate Success to Ignite Your Continuous Improvement Program

Celebrate Success to Ignite Your Continuous Improvement Culture

Rewarding your team not only makes them feel great it, can really help your CI program take off.

I worked at a manufacturing company for several years as the Lean Six Sigma Champion. We completed a lot of great Continuous Improvement projects but the employees never seemed passionate about solving problems. That is until we implemented…

The Continuous Improvement Fair!

Once per quarter we asked teams to summarize their projects, A3 style, on a large poster board. Then we had all teams present their projects, like a Jr. High science fair, in the cafeteria for 2 hours over lunch. Everyone in the building was encouraged to come and vote for their favorite projects. We gave out prizes, played music, and generally had a blast learning about the amazing Kaizen events each team had completed.

Continuous Improvement Fair

Guess what happened? People got excited. They tried to one up each other by completing bigger and better projects. Even the quietest engineers couldn’t wait to tell you about the problems their team solved. To say the least it was a game changer. Instead of “forcing” teams to do projects the number of projects tripled organically. The quality of the projects went through the roof.
We started to feel what it’s like to have a…

Culture of Continuous Improvement!

So why not give it a shot? Setup your own CI Fair at your company and see if you can light a fire in your team.

Struggling to get your Continuous Improvement Program to take off? ┬áSend us an email and let us know what you’re struggling with. We have a team of experienced Black Belts that just might have a great idea to get you back on track.



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